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Where is my Product Key?

Visit and enter your Order ID and Email Address to pull up the Order Details page. From this page you can download the software and retrieve the product key. Your Order ID was displayed on the order confirmation page and emailed to the email address used during checkout. If you have lost record of your Order ID, please Contact Us and send us the Email Address used during checkout and we'll help you locate your order.

Why does the program say I only have x days instead of 1 year?

With limited exception, all software we sell includes a free trial period when you install the product. In order to enable the full subscription period, you will need to activate the product with the Product Key. Generally when you activate the software with the Product Key, any remaining free trial time is cancelled, so we recommend waiting to activate the software until the trial period is just about to expire in order to maximize your subscription period (e.g. 13 months protection for the price of 12).

Product Activation Product Activation

The product key doesn't seem to work. What is wrong?

If you are receiving an error message about an invalid product key when attempting to activate the software, please let us know. It's best to send us a screenshot or photo of the error message to so we can determine the root cause. Sometimes it's just a missed step in the manufacturer's registration process or because we're human, there may have been a typo or scanning error in the product key when they are transferred from physical media into digital format. If this is the case, please bear with us while we get it corrected for you.

Activation Help Videos

Avast! Activation Video
Avast! Activation
AVG Activation Video
AVG Activation
Bitdefender Activation Video
BitDefender Activation
BullGuard Internet Security Activation Video
BullGuard Internet Security Activation
ESET NOD32 Activation Video
ESET NOD32 Activation
Kaspersky Antivirus Activation Video
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Activation
Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Video
Kaspersky Internet Security Activation
Norton 360 Enrollment Video
Norton 360 Enrollment
Norton Security Activation Video
Norton Security Activation
Malwarebytes Activation Video
Malwarebytes Activation
Panda Activation Video
Panda Activation
VIPRE Activation Video
VIPRE Activation
Webroot Activation
Webroot Activation

Why am I getting an Invalid Product Key error when activating Norton?

Please ensure you have the correct edition of software that matches the product key. Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Security Standard/Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium (with Backup) each use different installers and will not permit activation with the incorrect software installed. If there is any question if you have the correct software installed, remove your existing installation using the Norton Removal Tool at and then install using the product installer download located on your order information page.

Technical Support Technical Support

We can only provide very basic, limited technical support. Please use our Contact Us page for very basic help. Please provide as much detail as possible.

If you have any billing inquiries or need help finding your order, please Contact Us.

If you need support directly from the manufacturer, below are the support contacts for popular brands Please note: Some manufacturers can only assist AFTER you've registered or activated your subscription. Before that, your mileage may vary.

Avast Logo
866-951-7679 (United States / Canada)
0203 608 7941 (United Kingdom)
1800 875 178 (Australia)
AVG Logo
844-259-8811 (United States / Canada)
116 366 8542 (United Kingdom)
2 8103 4937 (Australia)
Bitdefender Logo
954-414-9655 (United States / Canada)
0208 819 2649 (United Kingdom)
1300 954 574 (Australia)
866-343-3738 (United States / Canada)
01202 548888 (United Kingdom)
02 8080 4300 (Australia)
Kaspersky Logo
781-503-1820 (United States / Canada)
0203 549 3495 (United Kingdom)
1300 762 833 (Australia)
McAfee Logo
866-622-3911 (United States / Canada)
0800 028 7581 (United Kingdom)
1 800 998 887 (Australia)
Norton Logo
800-927-3991 (United States / Canada)
0844 545 6509 (United Kingdom)
1800 680 026 (Australia)
Panda Logo
888-312-9215 (United States / Canada)
0800 098 8992 (United Kingdom)
1300 726 306 (Australia)
877-673-1161 (United States / Canada)
0800 331 7170 (United Kingdom)
1800 702 810 (Australia)