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Very Cheap SoftwareVery Cheap Software specializes in offering popular software at very low prices. We decided to found our business because like many of you, we were getting tired of paying hefty prices for software at retail brick-and-mortar stores. We had the connections to get super low prices on popular software products, so it became our mission to share these savings with people everywhere on the globe. We are small family-operated business and not a mega-corporation.

StoreWhen you purchase a product from a typical retail store, the price is marked up considerably. The manufacturer gets their cut, then the main distributors take their piece, sometimes there's another reseller in the middle there that hikes up the price a little to turn a profit, then finally the retailer has a large overhead with rent, taxes, payroll, insurance and more. Don't forget about all those shipping costs between each of those companies that have their fingers in the pie. Long story short, you're paying way too much at the store.

OnlineYou might be thinking, I can just order online and get a better price. Yes you usually can, but sometimes you're stuck paying shipping costs, and you're usually paying near full retail anyway from any of the big players. Don't forget this is still a physical product that has to get trucked around the country several times adding hidden costs to the product each step of the way. That's where we come in.

MoneyWe built our business around cutting out all of these extra and unnecessary costs. We cut out the overhead of a retail brick-and-mortar establishment and the extra costs from moving the product from point A to point B with all the middlemen involved. We use our large purchasing power to buy in bulk directly from the manufacturer or as close to the source as feasible in order to keep the costs as low as possible.

ComputerHow do we do all this? It's very simply actually. Our platform is designed to deliver our products electronically and at lightning speed. By ordering with us, you won't have to throw on your shoes, hop in the car and deal with the crowds. Or you won't have to wait for one of the shipping companies to get your order to you sometime next week if you order from a traditional online retailer. Our goal is to keep everything in stock at all times so that we can provide you a lightning fast shopping experience giving you nearly immediate access to the product you just purchased. Sometimes we get a lot of people buying all at once and we temporarily run out of a particular product, but we're always monitoring this and can usually have it ready to go in less than a day.